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Reading the title “Her Best Lover Ever” may have placed a shadow of doubt in YOUR mind as to whether or not you are your girl’s best lover ever.

If you think you are or you are worried that you might not be, rest assured that you WILL BE after reading this special report.

By the time you are done reading you will know not only WHY women often look to other lovers (aka cheating) but also have an arsenal of secret (yes secret, you will see why) techniques that will guarantee you are “Her Best Lover Ever” and command 100% adoration and commitment from your girl. (Not to mention sex your way, when you want!)

Let’s get started :)

You know that there many ways to pleasure a woman physically. There are foreplay orgasms, fingering orgasms, penetration orgasms, and tons of different types of positions.

Right now let’s talk about EMOTIONAL variety and sexual variety for your girl and your relationship…. Usually when women cheat it’s because of one (or both) of two reasons.

1. The first reason women cheat is because their man can’t give her orgasms. There are tons
of reasons why a man can’t give a woman orgasms but some of them include:

  • not lasting long enough
  • not having the proper technique to give her foreplay orgasms (fingering or oral sex)
  • not having proper technique to give her orgasms during penetration
  • not making her feel comfortable enough to relax and have an orgasm

However, for THIS report I am going to bypass that stuff and share with you THE NEXT LEVEL STUFF. (Reason number 2!)

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