White Tiger Tantra

This is a very niche product focused on exactly what it says “awakening a woman sexually” so she can have more orgasms and more to the point, powerful orgasms with ejaculation.

It does a very good job of it. It contains a lot of the methods and combines them all into one system. A lot of the techniques were part of the Tantric Sex discipline. Makes total sense.

There are elements some of you may have heard of named as the “Deep spot” technique by David Shade and the technique used in the videos “Squirting 101″ to make women ejaculate.

In White Tiger Tantra, these are called the “Yin” and the “Yang” positions. Some other variations of these positions and some more complex ones are also explained in the video, although in the demonstrations Steve Piccus uses just the Yin and the Yang for 90% of the time.

Note: These are all hand positions, White Tiger Tantra only shows you how to use hand techniques.

White Tiger Tantra does two things very well:

  • Awakening women sexually: For women that have not previously orgasmed, or rarely do with sex, or would like to be more orgasmic this is the best product I’ve seen. It is really the focus of the product and what Steve Piccus has been building a reputation for.
  • Ejaculatory orgasms: Although it isn’t the focus of the DVD, it is also good at teaching men how to get women to have ejaculatory orgasms. It is the best product that teaches about how to get a women to ejaculate for the first time. It only covers using hand stimulation.Note: Later it is possible to get a woman to ejaculate when you have sex with her – once she has been awoken. The only product that covers that is “Squirting 201″.

There are two DVDs in the set that focus on traditional deep tissue massage. Steve Piccus uses this to release tension in the woman, which he says is essential to opening her up sexually.

This obviously takes a lot of work on your behalf to get good at it, and also time spent massaging your woman. This may not be something you are interested in and is arguably best for longer term relationships.

Not Necessarily Suitable for All Women

It’s been my personal experience that not all women like and enjoy stimulation by hand. And they are quite happy with having good sex, without having squirting orgasms. It can be a matter of taste – all women are different. So keep in mind that this is one approach to helping women have better sex lives – and not necessarily suitable for everyone.

The Bottom Line

This is ‘best in class’ at what it teaches you. How to open women up sexually. If you are serious about learning how to do this, or your girlfriend is not ‘orgasmic’ then it is a product that will be very valuable to you.