Forbidden Sex Secrets

In this DVD titled Forbidden Sex Secrets, Bobby Bradshaw (Host of 2 Girls Teach Sex) starts off by stating that these are the techniques that take a man from “awful” in bed to great. Those are his words and he knows all about this because he states that he was that man.

A less than average performance in the bedroom was the best a woman should expect from him. He says he’s had every single sexual “problem” there is (hey me too!) but he learnt some proven techniques for becoming a great lover.

Can You Guess What Bobby Said To Make Jessica Have To Rub Herself During Filming?

He proves that he used to be a zero in the sack by naming all of the problems he experienced in the past and then his beautiful co-star Jessica talks about the woman’s side of the particular issue.

The first issue is the “2 pump chump” syndrome. Many guys can relate to this and Bobby describes it as anytime you’re not lasting long enough to give her a vaginal orgasm.

Jessica says this is an immediate red flag for her and she immediately knows that she never wants to see the guy again cause she’ll never get the sexual satisfaction she craves. Relationships are also on a serious downward spiral when the man is not lasting long enough because she won’t be happy, period. If for some reason she decides to stay in the relationship, she will end up resenting you and finding another guy for her “sexy time”.

The next sexual problem for men they talk about is “the limp d**ker”. Wow can I ever relate to what Bobby said about this one. Jessica states that a Limp D**k problem is even worse than premature ejaculation because the girl thinks she’s the problem. She thinks the reason you’re not able to get hard is because she’s not sexually appealing to you or there’s something else wrong with her. This is another sure-fire way to make sure you never see her again because she wont want to relive those feelings.

The thing I related to most is when Bobby says the real reason this happens is because you’re so into her that you get nervous and (here’s the big one), have a subconscious lack of confidence in your ability to please her. This one was so true for me and I know it’s the same for 90% or more of the guys who have this problem.

Jessica confirms this by saying women believe it’s all their fault when this happens. They immediately make this about themselves and it ruins their self esteem. They think it’s because they’re not hot enough, they don’t give a good bj or are bad at sex when it reality, but if they only knew that it’s cause she’s too stimulating.

Bobby says that he use to avoid sex with women he was really into because he knew the relationship would be all over once they got to the bedroom. This was starting to sound all too familiar to me.

Another thing he said that really resonated with me was when he said the first time he was with a particular girl he came really quickly. The next time he “slept” with her, he couldn’t get hard. Bobby, I’ve experienced the exact same thing! I had already thought about this before and he just confirmed my distinction when he said the reason he wouldn’t get hard, is because he was so scared of coming early.

Next up, the Emotionless Robot also known as the detachable penis. Bobby talks about another common problem that so many men think they need to be extremely well hung or have the body of a world class athlete in order to please a girl in bed but Jessica explains that it’s all about emotion. If you’re not really into the girl and in the moment with her, she’s gonna feel it and it won’t be anywhere near an amazing time for her.

For us men, our sexual arousal is stimulated mostly by the physical appearance and attractiveness of the woman were with. For women however, the experience is totally emotional. Of course having a physical advantage does help but it’s not what turns a woman on. Ever seen the guy who you thought was below average walking around with the hottest girls and can’t get them to let him go for 2 minutes.

This leads me to a quick tip that I’ve learned in order to calm myself and raise her arousal. Focus on her! Only concentrate on her body and making her feel good. Give her at the very minimum, one orgasm before you have one.

Notice and give attention to every single part of her body while she feels it and get into it. Get in character and show some emotion. This alone will cure most sexual problems for men.

Moving along, Bobby introduces the Total F**king P*ssy. Unlike the tip I gave above (making sure that she is pleased in the bedroom before you are), the total f**king p*ssy is the man who’s always worried that his girl might not be happy. The guy who has to make sure everything is perfectly alright. The guy who has to ask what movie she wants to see or know what activity she wants to do tonight.

Jessica confirms that women want a dominant man. This doesn’t mean that you can’t ask her how she’s feeling or if she’s enjoying herself, but stop trying so dam hard to please her all the time.

Bobby assures us that part of his system includes step by step techniques for being emotionally present with her while maintaining total male dominance in order to keep her lust and respect for you not only alive, but stronger than ever before.

Both Bobby and Jessica say that so many men who have unsatisfying sex lives actually believe that sex is not that important for women. If you’re one of these men, you NEED to get this program. Jessica says this is total B.S. and if she’s acting like it’s not important to her, it’s because you’re not giving it to her right and if she hasn’t looked somewhere else for this gratification yet, she will, or at the very least she’ll end up resenting you for the course of your relationship together.

Forbidden Sex Secrets DVD Chapter 2 (Jessica is wearing a lot less clothes in this one!)

This part of the dvd is where Bobby (with the help of Jessica) reveals his system. The exact 4 step system that will permanently end premature ejaculation, get and stay hard when you need to, give her multiple screaming orgasms and basically become the best lover she’s ever had.

The first part of the P.A.V.E. system is Presence. This is what will turn mediocre sex into mind-blowing (he’s the best i ever had) over the edge type of sex. It’s what every woman craves in the bedroom more than anything else and unfortunately, it’s what so few guys know how to give her.

Presence is also the most effective way to insure that you stay hard when it counts, last as long as you want and give her the emotional part of sex that she needs to be fully excited and satisfied.

Without giving away Bobbys system and facing some legal issues, I have to say that the techniques he gives here for maintaining presence are among the best I’ve ever learned. They are the same that I’ve been using to calm myself down before and during sex and not get to excited or nervous.

When you have total presence in the bedroom, you’re no longer thinking (or worrying) about your performance, you’re just having amazing sex and all the pressure is off.

Finally, Jessica says that if both of you are not present then it’s almost better to not have the sex at all because neither of you will really enjoy it and this will put nothing but stress and friction into the relationship.

Step 2 in the P.A.V.E system is all about Authority. Its the opposite side of the big sexual problem for so many men discussed in the last chapter “the Total F**king P*ssy“. This is how to get the highest level of male sexual confidence in the bedroom and we all know how much women want a guy to be confident and lead them.

Of course she will sometimes want more romantic sex and at other times shell be craving some crazy animal sex. But if she wants another woman in bed, then she’ll try experimenting. If she’s with you, then its cause she wants a man! Be a man. Bobby teaches us how to control the situation while building her attraction and “wetness“ for you.

TIP: Dont ask her to do something. Tell her what to do. If you think this might be uncomfortable for you, don’t worry, Bobby has some killer tips so you can adopt this authoritative attitude in a comfortable and natural way.

Next up, Talk Dirty! Jessica says it’s extremely important because it not only heightens the emotional side of sex but also creates more authority. Again, if you’re uncomfortable with this or are not sure exactly how to go about it, you’ll learn the most effective ways to talk dirty to her without embarrassing yourself, without offending her and all the while keeping your cool and your confidence.

They also give up some rejectionless ways to show possession. It’s really the best way to get your girl to do or try anything that you want. Best of all, she won’t feel slutty at all for doing this when you use this method, shell actually feel an even closer connection with you.

P.A.V.E. component # 3, its all about Variety.

There are two different aspects of variety which Bobby goes into here. There’s the physical variety such as what positions you use (different positions means totally different sensations for her!). But even more essential is emotional variety.

You can completely change up the emotion by simply changing positions. If you’re girl is on top riding you for example, she’ll be feeling some completely different emotions then if you’ve got her arms pinned behind her back while doing her doggy style.

But that’s just one way to switch it up and this is why Bobby goes into many different ways to shift the emotion in an instant.

Another way is by using the exact same positions but incorporating a totally different “scenario” of conversation. You could have sex twice in the same position but if one time you’re talking really romantic to her and telling her how much you love her, it’ll be a very different experience for her than if you’re talking really dirty in that same position.

The last part of Bobbys P.A.V.E. system is Emotion. Strong emotion is the key to great passionate sex. If you’re not feeling some distinct strong emotions when you’re in bed together, she’s going to feel that and the chances that she orgasms will go right out the window. If she’s not going through a rollercoaster ride of sensual emotions, she’s not going to orgasm!

Emotion is key and Bobby and Jessica really dive deep into how to amplify the emotions for both of you, while keeping your cool, and increasing her arousal levels making her “time to orgasm” much, much shorter and stronger.

Jessica says that emotionless sex can be bought at the store but they don’t want that. Ask any woman and she’ll tell you that she would pick a man who knows how to fuck over a toy every single time.

They then go into a huge variety of ways to be emotional with your girl in bed while maintaining your authority. These tips are killer and you can tell just by Jessica’s response to them that they really do work.

The next chapter in Forbidden Sex Secrets is the keys to superman stamina. What makes guys cum so dam early and what are the exact things you’ve got to learn and do in order to last as long as you want in bed.

“It’s all about knowing your arousal levels” says Bobby and once you’ve identified them, you can last as long as you want in bed. You can increase the amount of pleasurable sensation you have during sex. And you always maintain the ability to “calm yourself down” if you ever feel like you might be getting to close to the edge.

Learning to breathe in the key moments is one of the main differences for men who have superior sexual stamina.

If you think back to a time when you blew it too quick, you’ll begin to remember that you weren’t breathing.

Some people say you’ve got to relax and breathe. Forget that. Just breathe, and this will make you relax.

Last but not least, Bobby mentions one little thing we almost all do with our muscles while having sex that highly increase the chances that we come too quick. Try the alternative he suggests and you’ll immediately notice some dramatic improvement in your lasting time.

Bobby you dog!

The final chapter in the 2 Girls Teach Sex Forbidden Sex Secrets DVD is about the 3 erogenous zones of all women. These are her hot spots that will make her instantly quiver and get her thinking about sex with you if she isn’t already.

If you use these during foreplay, it’ll make her arousal levels shoot through the roof in no time flat and she’ll literally be begging for you to be inside of her.

These are also great places to touch her while you’re in public just to get her hot for you and anxious for sex. Beware: She might want you right then and there : )

While I can’t tell you exactly what the 3 erogenous zones are without giving away the 2GTS secrets and product and maybe getting into some legal issues, I’ll tell you that they are not what most guys think.

It’s not the breasts, not the butt and not her vagina. In fact if you touch these too early (before hitting on the right ones), you could make her push you away for seeming like you don’t have any control.

Bobby doesn’t only teach you what these spots are, but he also shows you how to touch them and you can see from the video just how much Jessica gets turned on from one little touch.

There is so much info on this one dvd alone and I didn’t even cover half of it.

Look, if you’re the kind of guy who really wants to give his girl the best sex of her life and have the crazy, passionate kind of relationship that most guys only dream of, pick up this program.

I would have gladly paid full price for just the info that’s in this one dvd but we’ve still got 4 more to go.

If you want your girl to be constantly initiating sex with you because you turn her world inside out, you’ve gotta check this out now.