Rear Entry Made Easy

Have you ever tried to experience the taboo thing “anal sex”? It’s a big fun and extremely adventurous. But the way to convince a woman to have anal sex with you is tricky and tough. This is not because women are uncomfortable with it. Women are never uncomfortable with it. Rather you will be surprised to know that they do want it badly. Yet they refuse this offer most of the cases. You know why? Well, this is where the mystery lies and 99% of the men will never understand this. Some secrets about women will be unveiled here first and then you will have suggestions on what to do to be successful in perusing your girl to provide her beautiful ass before you.

The first secret about women is that they are not as shy and reserve as they seem from outside. Deep down inside they are as wild as you are regarding sex. They also want to experience the taboo and unusual erotic things like backdoor sex. They second secret about women is that they think of sex all the time. They are heavily driven by sex stimulus and they want sex fantasies more than men do. But if a man asks a woman point blank if she wants to have anal sex, he will immediately be turned down. Your success and failure totally depends on your presentation -how you approach! If guys straightly ask for having anal sex, women will never agree on it. There are reasons for this.

These reasons may be the following:
1. They fear that it may go wrong way and the total session is going to be unsatisfactory.
2. She may have a pathetic past about it when she wanted this wild adventure but her partner could not perform or rejected it.
3. They never offer first to avoid being “slutty” to men.

Three categories of men will never get consent from women for having backdoor sex. Those are:
1. Men who ask in the wrong way
2. Men who are afraid to ask and
3. Men who make their partner worried that the new style may turn out badly.

Guys think that their girls want to be treated as if they are the little princesses. Yes, it is true but a smart man should also know that his girl has extreme and wild physical needs. Only respecting like a princess will not bring her passion towards you. You need to please her too in real erotic and wild way.

Keeping in focus this problem, Tori Black, AVN female performer of the year 2010 has come up with a solution. She has designed a video learning program called Rear Entry Made Easy which includes the tips for success in anal sex. This is a 2 disc video program where Tori Black herself demonstrated some techniques to approach and penetrate finally with some of her hottest co-performers.

From Rear Entry Made Easy video program you will learn:

  • That some valuable sentences will persuade your woman to present her ass to you.
  • How to eliminate her fear of an unknown upcoming experience.
  • The mystery of anal orgasm.
  • The suitable positions for anal orgasm.
  • Required foreplay for an anal sex.
  • Anal sex toys reviews
  • How your woman gets addicted to you for rear entry and so more.