Squirt 101

Ejaculatory orgasms were previously thought to be the imagination of the porn industry, or only possible with select girls. However several courses teaching you how to do this have confirmed that it’s all possible and virtually all women can do it (if not all).

What Axel Braun has named as his own original technique to make girls squirt in these videos actually was developed hundreds of years ago in Tantric Sex. Nevertheless, this video set was original at the time of release in that it was the first ever to demonstrate how to use this technique.

Does Exactly What is Says it Does

From those of many of the top dating coaches, Alex Braun’s technique to make girls squirt works on virtually every girl. It can take a little more patience with the more sexually inhibited girls however. It has a different impact on each girl, sometimes extreme, with the girl lying in a state of ecstasy for a few minutes afterwards, sometimes much shorter. They are virtually always surprised at their ability to squirt, and how much liquid comes out. Which is a fun way to develop your sexual experiences together.

Takes a Bit of Practice Depending on Your Existing Abilities

The technique takes a while to master depending on how much experience you have with using your fingers to stimulate your girl. It took just a couple of tries, and quickly became second nature. On the plus side, there is a lot of video footage to watch in order to understand the subtleties of its implementation. The repetition helps you to see the subtleties, and also get an idea of how each girl can react to the whole process. This is important, because the girl can get worried about the feeling she is getting when you first start, and which is new to her. She may feel that she needs to pee, and will often ask you to stop because of fear of embarrassment. Pushing through this gently, telling her not to worry helps here.

Some Sloppy Footage

There is a lot of video footage to teach what could have been done more effectively in a shorter time. Axel Braun spends a lot of time trying to teach a male porn star who doesn’t listen to him and continues to use the wrong technique. This will become quickly obvious to you, so don’t learn off that particular porn star, focus on the scenes where Axel Braun himself is demonstrating, teaching and the guys who follow his instructions properly (easy to know, since he points out when they are doing it properly). You will have to watch the content for a few hours to learn what you need to know to implement it because of this.

The Bottom Line

This method consistently gets girls to squirt, much to the surprise of many of the women involved.

There are more live demonstrations (with different women) contained in this footage than with White Tiger Tantra. So you may prefer this. But there is a lot more explanation and advice on how to do it in White Tiger Tantra.