Squirting Mastery has male porn star Marcus London detailing his technique on five different female porn stars. In essence, the technique involves using two fingers and a certain hand motion to vigorously stimulate a woman’s g-spot until she squirts.

Can All Girls Squirt?

One of the questions that seems to get brought up often is whether or not all girls are capable of having a squirting orgasm. The consensus seems to be that all girls are physiologically able to achieve a squirting orgasm, a notion that Marcus London agrees with here in this product.

Psychologically on the other hand, some girls are resistant to squirting. This is often due to a lack of information on the subject and not feeling comfortable in the situation.

For instance, a common misconception that both men and women have is that when a woman squirts it is actually urine coming out. This is not the case at all, but the sensation of squirting can be similar to the feeling of needing to pee, and this mental block can inhibit a woman’s natural tendency to squirt.

Something that is mentioned a lot throughout the course is the importance of making a woman feel relaxed and comfortable to increase the chances of her squirting.

Just like some men may feel sexual anxiety and suffer impotence as a result, women are prone to anxiety and insecurities too. The more she feels she can let go and be in the moment, the more she’ll be receptive to your sexual touch.

A good mindset to adopt is that squirting is 50% about the technique you use and 50% about the mental, emotional and physical state of the woman. Both of these are going to take some practice, the more you experiment with it the better the results you will get.

Advanced Sex Positions for Killer Orgasms

The first part consists of Bobby Bradshaw interviewing Marcus London and Tori Black about a variety of subjects. Things like how long should a man last in bed, how you can avoid premature ejaculation, how many sex positions should you employ and how to mix things up to make sex as exciting as possible for a woman. There is some good advice here.

The second part consists of live demonstrations of a lot of different positions. ¬†With that said, there are some positions that range from easy to intermediate that you’ll be able to use that you and your girl will love.

This is best for couples who have been together a while and are looking to spice things up a bit. A lot of these moves will require both participants to watch the DVD together to really get a solid idea of how to execute them.

The Bottom Line

For guys with little sexual experience or no knowledge of squirting whatsoever, this product will probably be quite helpful to you. If you’ve seen any other products about squirting, I wouldn’t recommend this one. If you want a more in-depth education on the subject, consider White Tiger Tantra by Steve Piccus.

If you’re looking for advanced sex moves with your partner, the bonus DVD has some good positions but you’ll need to watch them first with your girl. I wouldn’t call this DVD ‘girl friendly’ as it is intended to be viewed by guys. There are other products on the market specifically for couples to watch together, you’d be better off with something more in that direction.