The word that comes to mind while reading this book is FRESH: this is an extremely well written guide and one of the best “dating advice” products to come out in a long time.

Psychological Emphasis Over Technique

Compared to the average “sex book”, the content here is highly original because the approach is mostly psychological. This is not a “sex techniques” book, in the sense that it is not about “rubbing your fingers in a circular motion on point A then apply pressure on point B”.

In fact, the author emphasizes that “the psychological is more important than the physical”, and that therefore focusing on “how to” techniques is wrong. Instead, the book is about understanding the female perspective of sex (which is NOT what you think it is), and using it to create unique sexual experiences with your partner(s). Psychological impact is emphasized over physical techniques, through the use of dominant frames and sexual scenarios.

Strong and Practical Framework

The core model used is called “DEVI”, for Dominance, Emotion, Variety and Immersion. The simplicity of this model means that all but the least sexually experienced guys will be able to easily understand it and begin to apply it. The author stays away from abstraction and keeps it practical to a great extent.

The Importance of Sex to Attraction and Relationships

The author, Daniel Rose, explains that sex and emotion work together; therefore sex (when done right) is fundamental to developing a very strong relationships where the girl falls deeply in love with you. Sex should be seen as the ultimate attraction and maintenance tool for great relationships. In his words:

“Lots of guys consider the first time you have sex with a woman the end of a seduction; I do not. I consider it the beginning.”

This is excellent advice. One of the most often overlooked ‘root issues’ where guys are having trouble keeping their girlfriends or suffering from only ‘same night lay syndrome’ is a sexual experience than less than distinguishes you from the rest. The chapter on dominance in Sex God Method provides a great explanation of the role of sex in relationships.

For Those with Little Sexual Experience – You May Need Extra Help to Implement

The weaker aspect of this product, is that it doesn’t contain enough practical detail to help people who have less experience. Less experienced people find it harder to relate more advanced content to their own lives and experiences, it is harder for them to visualize, and thus implement. In particular, visual diagrams and aids would have helped to convey more practical points.

In a later product, Daniel Rose’s Sex God Method VIP Program this issue is resolved. Daniel Rose provides a lot more practical detail in the form of mini-frameworks, and stories to relate exactly what is meant by some of the more abstract aspects of his approach to sexual mastery.

Original? Or Just Better?

This book came out in 2008, and has been the best and most comprehensive book on sexual skills since that time. It owes some of the original innovations to a former work entitled Revolutionary Sex.

It makes many improvements on the ‘communication’ of similar advice, making it easier to understand and apply. Nonetheless, there are some points which Revolutionary Sex provides better focus on. The most noteworthy is the issue of ‘trust’, it’s role in sex, and how to develop it.

Sex God Method VIP Program

The VIP Membership program from Sex God Method is inspired from the successful eBook, and contains everything the eBook has and a fair amount of additional material. The eBook comes with this program, and is an important part of it.

Going Beyond the eBook to Make it Easier to Implement

The program’s content goes into a lot more detail than the original eBook, in terms of explanation of techniques and the original DEVI (Dominance, Evolution, Variety, Immersion) principles themselves.

To make it more practical, and justify the high price tag, the program combines the original psychological approach from the book with a lot of ‘practical focused’ explanations of techniques that can be used in conjunction with the approach.

Whilst the original book was not a “sex techniques” book, this program does contain very useful information on how to perform certain everyday and less popular sexual techniques properly and in the most pleasurable fashion for your woman.

Daniel Rose, continues to emphasize that “the psychological is more important than the physical”, but in this program he provides content that connects what were guidelines, mindsets and concepts on how to approach sexual intercourse with women to the direct practical actions. This makes the program particularly valuable to beginners who will find it much easier to understand and apply than the eBook.

Yet More Innovative Content…

The program adds many points beyond the book that are similarly counter-intuitive and extremely valuable. His tips and thinking on stamina in bed, is a great example of this, where he provides advice that works – and I’ve never heard anyone talk about before in the same way. This impressed me, since it isn’t easy to keep adding innovative AND valuable material. 10 stars for innovation.

It is clear that Daniel Rose has done his research well for the program’s more technical aspects. An example is in increasing your testosterone levels to increase your libido. His advice is consistent with the latest scientific research and helpful on a point that is often overlooked by other dating products. He provides some innovative information on it.

Throughout the program Daniel challenges and puts straight commonly accepted assumptions about sex and women. This will be particularly important to beginners like shy guys and AFCs.

Daniel talks about essential aspects of developing a full sexual experience within longer term relationships through breaking down sexual barriers. He identifies each sexual barrier that inhibits a sexual life between partners and how to surpass these so that the girl’s sexuality develops to its potential. He provides examples to progress a girl’s sexuality, which is something that many guys get stuck on thinking their girlfriend ‘just isn’t as sexual as other girls’. Each is intelligent and well thought out. Excellent stuff!

Strong Lead and Teaching Style from Daniel Rose

Daniel Rose has a presentation style which lends to making this easier to implement. He often refers back to what is important, and explains the detail necessary for beginners in simple terms. He often describes ‘storyboards’ of how things are likely to go with a women as you do things, this will be helpful for beginners to visualize better how the sex is likely to evolve when using the techniques. Finally, he makes use of visual-aides such as charts. Two useful examples were the ‘Oral sex stimulation continuum’ and ‘Hand/ finger sex stimulation continuum’ charts.

Another nice touch are Daniel’s video diaries where he talks about a lot of his own personal experiences in connection with aspects of SGM. This is valuable to help people visualize the changes and the impact of applying the methods to their lives. By giving more insight into his own character, which is a brave thing to do, he makes the content of the program that more valuable – by making it more authentic.

There are now interview sessions with Daniel Rose and other sexual skills instructors which would be a great addition to the program. However, whilst this seems to be the objective, so far the interviews have all been with Jhonny Wolf, with the exception of an interview with Jason Julius of Orgasm Arts – hopefully in the future he will run a greater variety of instructors. I anticipate that he will.

General Content Shortcomings of the Program

There is one area where this program fell short. All girls are not alike and they respond differently and need different things in sex. Daniel Rose doesn’t address calibration to a girl’s needs or the different types of girls you are likely to encounter and how personalities of girls may indicate what her sexual needs are likely to be like sufficiently. This would have fitted really well, and completed, his discussion of developing a girl’s sexuality, sexual barriers and helping the girl to overcome them. If he’d addressed all of these things, and done it effectively.

Jhonny Wolf’s Lower Value Input to the Program

Jhonny Wolf covers a range of topics in the weekly sex tips from trimming, watching porn, using video cameras, how to get your girl to give you a good hand job and so on. These sex tips contribute a large volume of video educational material to the site.

The majority of these topics are either narrow (relevant to only a few situations), more straightforward and obvious, or taken from old and well known ‘seduction community’ knowledge. At times the tips over-complexify something that is basic, and it may only hurt someone’s development to think about it in such complex terms, leading them to worry about things that are irrelevant. Jhonny typically recounts some stories in these, with 30 or 1 minute’s worth of valuable tip.

For some shy/ insecure guys and AFCs these may provide some value, in the form of ideas, and motivation through the stories (letting them visualize something different). But for most other guys these can be missed.

In some sex tips, Jhonny gave some notably bad advice/ made some careless and sloppy comments with negative mindsets. The worst example was the sex tip on making sex videos with girls: “It’s really really fun to pull up videos of girls you like, but you know you won’t be with again, and it’s even more sexy fun to do with girls that you hate now and pull up videos of you [having sex with her or her giving you a blowjob]”… in another spot he mentions “I was showing my buddies some of these videos and…”. If you want to know why this is not a good idea and you shouldn’t show your videos to your buddies, check out the best products on relationship skills which will point out much better mindsets and approaches to relationships.

It’s not all bad.

His tip on ‘hiding the condom’ had me laughing my ass off, especially when he said “I have six of them…”. For those of you who get the program, I encourage you to watch that sex tip for the fun factor :-) I could actually see using ‘one’ being an approach to get round the issue he describes. Although there are other much easier ways to get round it.

Also, the hand of dominance tip is a good technique to apply, it’s a pity that was one of the shortest tips – he could’ve talked a lot more about why and how it works with women to make it a lot more useful.

Final Word

Daniel Rose’s strong teaching style makes a lot of the content very accessible to beginners. For more advanced level daters, it can be a little long winded however. I found myself listening to videos in the background to get the important bits, and not pay too much attention to the more obvious points.

I was surprised to find the sloppiness of some of the sex tips since overall this is a very professional and
well marketed program. So if you buy this program, I recommend not paying too much attention to anything negative or doubtful you watch in them, or maybe just skipping these weekly sex tips altogether.

The Bottom Line

Quite simply, The Sex God method is the most comprehensive guide to female sexuality and how the male should approach it that I have ever seen. Mastering the principles in this book not only makes you much better in bed, it also makes you stand out, because most guys do not understand this stuff.

This is a “mindset changing” book that will deeply change your perspective of what sex is all about. No matter your sexual level or experience, you are bound to learn a lot of new ideas and original techniques. This book is a clear and simple framework for maximizing your sexual potential.

The book is a great deal and a must-have for anyone interested in improving his sex life.