“Sensuality is as important for the well-being of the body as food” – Vatsyayana, the author  of the Kama Sutra

This simple acknowledgment – that physical pleasure is a form of nourishment – is, I believe, one of the reasons why the Kama Sutra remains relevant today.

Sex is to be enjoyed, celebrated, and explored – and I get the impression that’s exactly what Vatsyayana did. In the Kama Sutra he not only describes the sex positions that can bring us the most pleasure,  he also discusses in unstinting  detail how lovers should kiss, nibble, bite, and seduce each other,  how the penis should move inside the vagina, and even how a room should be prepared to make the most of lovemaking.

There are three other classic erotic texts that I  find as intriguing and candid as the Kama Sutra and I’ve included sex positions and pearls of wisdom from these too: the Ananga  Ranga from India, The Perfumed  Garden from Tunisia, and the Tao, from China.

There’s no right or wrong way to look at this book but I’d suggest a playful approach. For example, you could agree with your lover that you’ll open the book at random and try the first sex position you come across. Or you could try a string of sex positions in sequence. Above all, enjoy playing and experimenting.

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