Female ejaculation is not only real, but any woman is capable.

It is natural, normal, and simply awe-inspiring to do it!

As a psychotherapist, you may wonder why I would choose to write this book, and the answer is simple. I wish to provide sexually empowering information to all women and their partners. Our society is filled with messages that keep us from truly embracing the beauty of our sexuality.
There are so many challenges that we have in our lives that we often forget to focus our energy into bringing out the pleasure of our own sensuality and sexuality. This book is just one-way that women and their partners can begin to experience sexual ecstasy and pleasure more often and more powerfully in their lives.
I have to laugh (with a bit of sadness behind it) that our overly extreme society worries so much about sexuality. Because we have not been able to be balanced about our sexuality, we have often seen it presented through two extreme lenses; the outrage of fear within individuals who cry out against sexuality and those who pursue “deviant” forms of sexuality that are unhealthy.
We often see people in our “fickle” society of ours, make violence more acceptable then sex! How warped and illogical that is to make a movie rated “R” for sexual content, but another rated “PG” when people are killing each other in it.

Seems to me our values are a bit “off” when we see sex, which is natural, beautiful and pleasureful, as something we should hide or have shame about, and killing as socially acceptable in
our entertainment! ☺
It is my opinion that as long as individual adults are consenting, and doing things that are ultimately empowering them to feel good about whom they are, while providing pleasure, then the sex they are having is healthy. It does not matter what sexual act it is… anal, oral, vaginal sex (and oh so much more).
What matters is that it does not cause harm to anyone, and that all parties are able to experience the great pleasure of the sexual experience. Female ejaculation, does not cause harm, and let me tell you my friend, it is sooo very delicious to do and see! ☺
I have often had clients start out sexually oriented questions with such phrases as “Is this normal?” or ”I know I am weird for liking this, but… am I crazy for feeling or wanting this?”

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