In India, Nepal , Tibet , China, and Japan, sexuality has long been regarded as both an art and a science worthy of detailed study and practice.

Indeed, the Eastern view is that no learning is complete without a thorough knowledge of the sexual principles underly-ing all existence.

Eastern metaphysical tradi-tions make use of the mystery of sexuality as a means to the transcendental experience of Unity.
The feeling of Oneness, achieved during or following the sexual act, is the most universally accessible mystical experience.

The sexual secrets revealed in this book are the legacy of several converging tradi-tions. These secrets are mentioned or im-plied in the early magical texts of the ancient Egyptians and in the mystical writings of the Hebrews, Greeks, and Arabs.

A study of the alchemical books of medieval Europe reveals a continuation of this tradition and experi-
ence, often taking the form of inspired ro-mantic or mystical poetry, generally couched in allegory.

Arabian songs and writings on the theme of love are replete with sexual el-ements which can best be understood by trac-ing in them the influences of the East.

It is evident that all Occidental teachings of tran-scendence through actual or allegorical eroti-cism find their origin in the Orient.

We have been particularly fortunate in having had the opportunity to explore the theoretical and practical aspects of the sexual secrets with Eastern masters.

Furthermore, we have drawn on our own personal experience, Song symbolizes Mantra and dance symbolizes meditation. So,  singing and dancing, the Yogi always acts with potency.

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