Have you ever thought about what makes an interaction with a woman spark?

What is that x-factor that makes the vibe you have with a woman charged with sexual electricity? It’s called sexual tension, and it can be created deliberately once you understand it.

I’ve read articles talking about what really drives a good pickup. Some say proper technique. Others say having a strong intent.
I think it’s both.
However, technique in this case isn’t about something you say, or some kind of specific move you make. It’s about proper timing and self-control.
In terms of intent, having a strong intention is necessary…but what’s your intent?
Are trying to make a new friend?
A phone-buddy?
Are you going to figure out the universe with this woman?
Probably not. You’re intent is physical.
Pickup is a physical game. It’s about sex.
Have you ever been so aroused by a woman that no matter what she said or did, you
wanted her?
You just had to have her, and nothing was going to deter you.
This desire is the foundation for sexual tension, and is the x-factor of pickup.
Sexual tension is why a technique may work for one guy, but not for another. Sexual tension is game. The rest is details (credibility and logistics).
I don’t advise you fall head-over-heels in lust when you are interested in a woman.
But that core desire is fundamental if you want to add that spark that makes all the difference. We’ll go over how to properly apply your desire later.
Keep in mind, in order for sexual desire, the first half of sexual tension must exist.
Attraction must be present on her part and yours. You know what you’re attracted to.
But for her – dominance and intrigue are the keys for making her attracted to you.
They are the first two levels of the
Attraction Hierarchy, preceding sexual tension, credibility and leadership.

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