The Female Orgasm Blueprint

The “Female Orgasm Blueprint” Is A Video Tutorial With 9 Modules And Over 2 Hours Of Pure Content On How To Give Your Woman The Most Insane Orgasms She’s Ever Felt. In the program you get everything, and I mean everything, I know about making a woman orgasm and squirt to her little heart’s desire. I’ve spent hours upon hours putting together all my best methods and techniques and I’m so happy to be able to share this with you today. I even demo all the techniques for you so you know EXACTLY how to perform them.

Module 1 – Mindset for Approaching Orgasms
Female Orgasm Blueprint Module 1
* Goal of this module is to introduce you to the healthy mindset you need to have in order to give a woman an orgasm.
* The correct way to approach giving a woman an orgasm. This will separate you from the men that fail with even the best of techniques
* Learn the different types of orgasms women are capable of.
* The ONE key you must master to achieve orgasm mastery and it’s not a “technique”
* What your goal should be to actually achieve success with female orgasms, it’s NOT what you think!
* Why most women never reach their full orgasm potential
* The # 1 Killer of orgasms and how to avoid it
* Why HER goal could be blocking her from achieving orgasm
* How to first stimulate her to “teach” her to orgasm
* How to frame a sexual experience so she feels comfortable
* Find out what to ask her so you can be certain you know what she likes
* Learn how to get her multi-orgasmic so she has multiple orgasms during sex

Module 2 – Guiding Her Mind
Female Orgasm Blueprint Module 2
* Find out why you must guide a woman’s mind in order to achieve full body orgasms
* The 2 things you must have from her before she will let herself go to have an orgasm
* Secrets to guiding her to letting go and giving herself to you
* The one line that will make any woman fall madly for you (should only be used with someone you truly care about)
* Find out what women are afraid to let go of and how it could block her from orgasm
* Learn the pitfalls of guiding her mind and how it can be dangerous when used for evil
* The 4 mind blocks that will hinder your partner from reaching her full potential
* Understand foreplay and the role it plays in full body female orgasms
* The personality prerequisites you can identify to know how easily she will be able to orgasm
* Why your woman needs to be a “receiver” and not a “giver” and how to transform her
* The single most important factor NOT to focus on if you want to master her orgasm
* How to lead her into the present, and eliminate internal dialogue
* Your biggest ally for getting your woman off
* How to start foreplay long before getting into the bedroom to make her ready to cum right away
* How to destroy mind blocks that enter into a woman’s head during sex that will kill your chances of getting her off

Module 3 – Female Anatomy
Female Orgasm Blueprint Module 3
* This module is a detailed look at female anatomy and all the parts of a woman’s body you need to know about to give her an orgasm
* A detailed understanding of the exterior of the vagina known as the Vulva
* Learn about the location of the clitoris and the clitoral hood
* Find out what part of a woman’s vagina corresponds to the sensitive part of a man’s penis just below the penis head
* Where to touch a woman to see if she’s open to anal play without having to ask
* Find out where female ejaculate comes out of her body
* Learn about the “legs” of the clitoris and how there’s more to her clitoris than what you see on the outside
* How the size of the clitoris can effect how sensitive it is
* Diagram explaining exactly where the G Spot is located
* A side view angle to locate both the front and back of her Deep Spot
* Learn about the urethral sponge and how it balloons when stimulated correctly
* Avoid the part of the inside of a woman’s vagina that can be irritating to touch or even painful for most women
* A close up look at the Skene’s Gland, also known as the Female Prostate. This is where her ejaculate comes from
* Clitoral Vs Vaginal Orgasms
* Plus quotes from women detailing what the experience of a vaginal orgasm actually feels like

Module 4 – Clitoral Orgasms
Female Orgasm Blueprint Module 4
* This module explains everything you need to know about giving her a Clitoral Orgasm, including demonstrations of techniques
* How to locate the Clitoris and Clitoral Hood
* Avoid touching her Clitoris the wrong way to avoid making it painful for her
* How a woman usually touches herself during masterbation to give herself an orgasm
* The number one complaint women have about men stimulating their sensitive spots
* Basic Clitoral stimulation demonstration
* Learn how to rub the outside of her vulva to stimulate the legs of the Clitoris (some women even masterbate this way)
* Two finger technique to stroke the shaft of her clit for a powerful sensation demonstration
* How to “jack off” the head of her clit with out even touching it demonstration
* Teach her to get herself off using a muscle exercise while you squeeze her Vulva demonstration
* How to know if it feels good to your partner without asking her
* How to know if she’s had a Clitoral Orgasm
* Sex positions for clitoral stimulation that’ll have her begging for more

Module 5 – G Spot Orgasms
Female Orgasm Blueprint Module 5
* The G Spot module demystifies this sensitive part of a woman’s body and teaches you how to give her a strong Vaginal Orgasm
* How to build up anticipation for g spot stimulation
* Learn the exact location of the G Spot, all women have one!
* Find out what it feels like at rest vs after she becomes stimulated
* Demonstration of a basic single finger technique to get her started
* Understand the correct pressure and speed to use to make her G Spot respond powerfully
* Learn how to penetrate a woman with two fingers correctly so her vagina relaxes and opens up for you
* Underground Two finger “Running Man” technique demonstration that’ll drive her crazy
* Two finger “Bull Horn” technique demonstration (need I say more?)
* How to know when she’s had a vaginal orgasm (you should never have to ask)
* Sex positions for g spot stimulation that’ll make you both cum

Module 6 – Deep Spot Orgasms
Female Orgasm Blueprint Module 6
* The Deep Spot is not very well known by men or women, learn to stimulate her in a way that she’s never been touched before
* Learn how powerfully women respond to Deep Spot stimulation
* What you should know about a woman before you penetrate her
* How to best position your body while doing Deep Spot techniques
* The exact location of the front and back of The Deep Spot
* What the Deep Spot will feel like when you get there
* Learn the sensitive areas of the Deep Spot
* How to avoid hitting the wrong areas, and avoiding making it uncomfortable for her
* What to do if you can’t get all the way back there
* Single Finger Deep Spot technique demonstration
* Where to place your other hand on the outside to make it feel twice as intense to her
* Tornado Twister technique demonstration, this will blow her away
* Back of the deep spot technique, a completely different feel for her
* Sexual positions for deep spot stimulation that will put her in the driver’s seat

Module 7 – Oral Sex (Cunnilingus) Techniques
Female Orgasm Blueprint Module 7
* Learn the CORRECT way to perform Oral Sex on a woman and how virtually every man gets it wrong
* The one thing that makes women self conscious about oral sex, and how to get her past it so she can be blown away
* How to position yourself for Oral Sex
* The #1 key to success when eating out a woman
* Learn about the sensitive areas on the outside of her vagina (it’s not all about the Clitoris)
* Find out how most men have learned the wrong way to perform Oral Sex and actually annoy her
* The proper way to stimulate her Clitoris during Oral Sex
* The ways to PROPERLY penetrate her while eating her out
* How to penetrate her with just one finger and give her the sensation that she’s being ***ed by a big dick while you eat her out
* Learn a technique that combos your mouth and your fingers to create a vacuum and make her G Spot swell like a penis pump
* How to finish off her G Spot and give her a toe curling experience
* Find out how you can make a sensation similar to a vibrator to stimulate her Clitoris
* What you NEED to pay attention to that almost no one does while eating her out

Module 8 – Squirting Orgasms aka Female Ejaculation
Female Orgasm Blueprint Module 8
* Learn how to give her a squirting orgasm, one of the most powerful experiences a woman will ever have
* Find out where Female Ejaculation comes from, and what the fluid actually is
* Learn the difference between real Squirting Orgasms and the fake ones you see in porn
* How to stimulate her to give her a squirting orgasm
* What the Urethral Sponge has to do with Female Ejaculation
* Learn what it will feel like inside of her as she’s getting close to squirting
* Find out what most women do to inhibit themselves from having squirting orgasms resulting in only experiencing half the orgasm
* What your partner needs to do right before she orgasms in order to have a full body squirting orgasm
* How to introduce a woman to the concept of squirting orgasms and get her to participate
* A woman’s number one fear about squirting orgasms and how to get her past it
* Find out what muscles she needs to control in order to be able to have these full body orgasms
* An important exercise that is critical to achieving squirting orgasms and will also make every orgasm 10 times more powerful!

Module 9 – Troubleshooting
Female Orgasm Blueprint Module 9
* Even with the most powerful knowledge of the female body, and techniques that will send women through the roof, there can always be blocks in the road that still aren’t clear
* This Module will help you troubleshoot even the most difficult situations
* Learn the answers to some of the most common questions I get regarding Female Orgasms
* Find out additional things that could inhibit her ability to achieve every orgasm explained in the training, to make you a sexual master
* What to do if she’s a very visual type of person to get her to orgasm
* How using a vibrator could inhibit her from responding to certain techniques.
* A review of some of the fears and anxieties that might be blocking her from achieving full body orgasms
* How tension in the body can be a problem and what to do about it
* Plus a wrap up of everything from the training

Plus so much more…

About 90% of the content is focused on the actual techniques of how to give women orgasms, so it’s a very practical course. Please note that to demonstrate the different techniques, Jason uses a synthetic model of female genitals.

Jason Julius points out early on that all women are different, and not everyone will respond exactly the same to each technique. So as you watch these videos, keep in mind that it’s important to communicate with women in bed to find out what they like, and not just assume she will like the same thing that another girl responded to.

Something that isn’t mentioned in the course, but worth paying attention to, is how a woman’s body responds to what you are doing. Make an effort to watch her facial expressions, how she clenches her muscles, arches her back, noises she makes etc. to give you a better idea of what she is and is not enjoying.

Helping Women Relax

In the first module Jason talks about how the biggest hurdle most women have to achieving orgasm is mental blocks when having sex. The source of these can vary from woman to woman, but the end result is that they end up thinking too much and are not present in the moment. So the most important thing you need to do is make sure a woman is relaxed so she can enjoy the experience.

Physically, practically every woman is capable of achieving different types of orgasms, but some won’t have experienced them yet. There are some different ideas given that you can use to help her get out of her head and be fully present in her body, so that the techniques will have the biggest impact.

At one point Jason talks about how he can tell after talking to a woman for only a few minutes how easy or hard it will be for her to have orgasms. He says this is based on how comfortable she is with her body and how confident and outgoing she is. This matches my experience as well, where girls who are more spontaneous and in tune with their sexuality will be able to reach orgasm much faster when having sex.

So keep this in mind when you are trying out these techniques. If your girl is more shy and reserved, has limited sexual experience, any sexual hang ups or other factors, you’ll need to go more slowly and really make sure she is comfortable and relaxed. Don’t focus exclusively on her orgasm as the only goal of sex, as you’ll just put more pressure on the both of you. Relax, have fun with each other, and the techniques you learn here are more likely to work for you.

Different Types of Orgasms

So what are the different types of orgasms that women can experience? There’s clitoral orgasms and vaginal orgasms. The latter are generally a more intense type of orgasm and are often referred to here in this course as full body orgasms. Women are more likely to be familiar with clitoral orgasms, as this is what they most often experience when they masturbate.

The Female Orgasm Blueprint teaches a number of different ways to stimulate the clitoris so you can give her a clitoral orgasm, whether by oral sex, digital stimulation or a combination of both.

The real benefit of the course though comes from the different ways it teaches you to give women vaginal orgasms, as most of this knowledge is not well known by the majority of men. Full body orgasms are harder for a woman to achieve by herself, so if you can help her experience them you’ll really stand out in her mind.

The two main areas focused on here are the G-spot and the A-spot (also known as the deep spot). G-spot stimulation is more well known, but still something that a lot of guys don’t get right. This is the key spot for helping women experience squirting orgasms, something most women will not have experienced, so you’ll need to get her used to the idea and then build up to it in most cases.

While Jason does talk about how to achieve squirting orgasms, he doesn’t go into as much depth as some other products that specialize on this subject. For a more in-depth look at this subject, check out Squirting Orgasm Mastery, White Tiger Tantra and Squirting 101.

The A-spot is not as well known about and a lot of women even don’t know they have this spot right at the back of their vaginas. Jason covers a number of different techniques you can use to stimulate it, and how it can feel incredible for women and very different to a G-spot orgasm.

The majority of the techniques involve using your fingers to stimulate her, but there are also tips given on how you can focus on hitting these different spots when you are having sex.

The module on oral sex is also very good, and you’ll learn why copying what you see in porn is a terrible idea and what you should be doing instead. Good advice overall, with some moves that range from quite basic all the way up to pretty advanced.

Mental Arousal

It’s no secret that the brain is the biggest sexual organ, so if you really want to maximize the sexual pleasure a woman feels you need to also concentrate on mentally arousing her. While this is covered to a certain extent here in the course, it’s not given as much attention as the actual physical techniques.

For the most part, Jason is coming from the perspective that you are sleeping with a girl you’re already in a relationship with. And in this regard, the advice here is good. He focuses on communication, respect and making her feel good while letting her know how good she makes you feel.

There isn’t any real advice given on sleeping with a girl for the first time, or how a girl you’re having a one night stand with might differ from a girl you’re in a relationship with. There are a number of different ways you can get a girl sexually turned on psychologically that aren’t really explored here. For example, at one point he talks about a sexual fantasy that he says all women have, but the whole topic of sexual fantasies and how to discuss them with women is not covered at all.

There are a few bonus videos that are included, one of which covers the subject of dirty talk. This is one of the best videos in the whole course and is a great introduction for guys about how to bring up dirty talk by starting mildly and getting more explicit from there. Jason also makes it clear how women love dirty talk and once you bring it up they’ll often get more dirty than you could imagine.

It’s worth pointing out that there are some women who might get offended by some of the suggestions included, especially if you’re in a relationship already and it seems really out of character for you. That’s why it’s recommended you only progress the level of dirtiness after you see she is responding well to it. But a high percentage of women will respond well to most of what is suggested here, assuming you act with confidence.

Dirty talk is a great way to get her mentally aroused and let her play out some of her fantasies. One technique Jason suggests is to use the power of anticipation to your advantage. So if you send her a few dirty texts throughout the day, by the time you see her later on she’ll be practically ready to rip your clothes off.

I would have liked to seen this expanded on a bit further, and cover areas such as how to set a dominant frame while in bed, roleplaying, sex toys and sexual fantasies amongst a few others.

One reason that many men have trouble sexually satisfying a woman isn’t necessarily a lack of technique, but simply not being aggressive and dominant enough in bed that she doesn’t get excited. Especially for guys who are less experienced, this is a very common problem.

For that reason I think that the Sex God Method is a great product to use in conjunction with the Female Orgasm Blueprint. The former focuses a bit more on the psychological aspects of sex, while the latter takes care of the specific techniques.